My Valentine’s Projects

Happy almost Friday everyone, (ha ha ha ha)
 This post was going to be all about my Valentine’s Projects!!!!! Now your are wondeing why its not going to be …well let me tell you!
 I went out last Tuesday to get all the stuff I need and I went to Michaels which HAS NOTHING…. no I mean it. I’ve been looking ATG gun refill since NOVEMBER … yes you heard me right NOVEMBER… and they have been out.
 Now I get it, places run out of stuff…. this happens, so the first time I go and they don’t have want I need, I can be okay with it… but come on, honestly people… November… and still not one refill on the shelf! Who is running this place!
 So then I started looking for all the stuff I want to do for Valentines… Nothing.
 Then I go to target and I wanted to get those $1 Mail Boxes that everyone goes on and on about all the time! My target didn’t have them.
 Now you have to realize that I’m out with the 3 kids, Kayla 4, Violet 2 and the 4 month old baby … oh yea and the husband….
 We have been to Biglots, the place to get Andrew’s births certificate (which we couldn’t get because they only took CASH…. who only takes CASH any more…) Marshalls, Ross, Michaels, Costco …
 Yes this is all in the same day…. so by the time we made it to Target and they didn’t have the stupid Mail Boxes I was done, I even forgot to get the candy for my Husband’s work’s Valentine Stuff!!!!!
 Okay so you are asking yourself right now… well what are you going to to do now for Valentine’s Day???? Well I have no idea…. anyone have any ideas…… ????
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1 thought on “My Valentine’s Projects”

  1. Tina,
    I am so sorry but I am LOL'ing at your story. I could totally understand your frustration. I have no ideas for Valentines either, I know I am no help.
    Hope your days get easier
    Hugs Stacy


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