Easter Card #4 “For God So Loved”

Hi Everyone,
 I really love the way this card came out, I did this video really late one night while I was trying to find something to do…..
 Is it just me or does anyone else hate it when you have finally made it to your scrap space and you can’t find it in yourself to create anything!
That is what was happening to me that night, I was so excited that all the kids made it into bed a good time, I had spent all day cleaning and doing laundry so the house was in perfect peace and I thought it would be a great time to pull a really late night since my Husband is on vacation and could get up with the kids in the morning…. and yet I couldn’t figure out anything to do!
So I made this really simple, yet fun card to try and inspire something …. I don’t know if it worked or not!
Episode 175
Oppps …. its upside down 🙂 LOL
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