Memories to Moments Mondays……

Hi Everyone,
I’m really excited to have finally found an effect way of scrapbooking, Its called Project Life, however with all things in my life I’ve tweaked it!!!!!
All this week I’m going to be giving you a introduction to my new found love!

Each day this week I will have a short (maybe short…. you know me I can talk!!!) video with lots of fun information about Project Life, what it is, how I’m going about it. All kinds of fun stuff!

Then after this week every Monday I will be doing a Memories to Moments post! 
Each Monday I will have a post for you guys that will feature either an update on my Project Life 2012 or a tip, a fact or a freebee that might help you out.
Here is a Video for you regarding this new adventure. I really am no expert on this subject, but here is what I have found!
 Episode 185 (Its a 2 part video)
Part 2
Here are the Youtube Ladies I was talking about:
1st Cherish Everyday Life, Mary Ann is AMAZING and her videos are the ones that really helped me to decide to go ahead and give Project Life a try, she really has add LOTS and LOTS to her albums and I love that!

Mary Ann at Cherish Everyday:

These were the two most helpful youtubers I found when I was researching project!
I would love to hear your thoughts on this, or if you are doing Project Life!
I’m going to include a link to Becky Higgins which is the creator of Project Life and she has a great 5 minute video that explain what Project Life is.
 And here is the link to the youtube video:
 Come back tomorrow for more Project Life Information!
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5 thoughts on “Memories to Moments Mondays……”

  1. I just recently switched to the three ring books. I got so tired of trying to add more pages and then the whole book falling apart! This way is SO much easier! (and albums are 50% off at Hobby Lobby this week Yay!) I really love those 6×12 pages! What an awesome idea!!

  2. Ah, another Project Lifer! I have been watching the PL videos out there for weeks now, and I'll be ordering it soon, too; it looks wonderful! In the meantime, I've been usiing Simple Stories that I get from Archiver's; it's a GREAT system too. I have a section on my blog showing it: . Check it out – it's fun, too! Enjoy your new journey; can't wait to see your work!


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