Project Life Day 2 – The Basic Layout

UPDATE: 9/28/2013
Since first finding Project Life I have done alot of research and tried many different ways to use Project Life
I’ve finally found a good system for myself and you can VIEW all of my progress and resources HERE
Hi Everyone,
 Welcome to my second day of information on Project Life 
and how I’m doing it.
 I wanted to share some of the basic page protectors and layouts with you guys and how you could use these on everyday layouts even if you were not using the page protectors.
 Episode 186

 Here is what one of the basic layout looks like, or I guess the one I have found most people use.
And hear are the other layouts. You can use these to get some ideas on how to just lay your pictures out on your paper.

I’m going to include a link to Becky Higgins which is the creator of Project Life and she has a great 5 minute video that explain what Project Life is.
And here is the link to the youtube video:


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