Project Life Day 3 – The Photos

Hi Everyone,
 Today is day 3 of my Projects Life Introduction, I’m so super excited about project life, it has been so amazing to see my photos and scrapbook in a different way.
 I have 2 Video’s for you today and its all about the photos!
 Episode 188 – Part 1
 Episode 188  – Part 2
Thanks Everyone,
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2 thoughts on “Project Life Day 3 – The Photos”

  1. You GO, Girl! I am in TOTAL agreement with you; the whole idea of taking pictures of your everyday life, and not freaking out about scrapbooking them, and about "changing our ways" of getting them in albums, is totally the same path I'm on. I, too, have always been a very detailed and time-consumed scrapbooker. But now, I'm all about enjoying it and not stressing about it anymore. I use Simple Stories AND will be adding project Life to my albums, too. Love your blog!


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