Scrapbooking the memories away …..

Hi Everyone,
 I’m just checking in with you guys! I had a busy weekend with all the blog hops and stuff! But it was super fun! Remember to come back next Month for the May Hop!
 I’m deep in Scapbooking Mode right now, I’ve been telling you guys that I’m getting ready to redo my scrapbooking style and in order for me to get started on this years scrapbook (2012) I’m really pushing myself to finish last years Scrapbook (2011) and I’m up to July right!
 This month I’m really focus on that, so because of that your not going to be seeing too many “Projects” from me.
 I have a few more scrapbooks to share with you guys (which is really why I’ve revamped my scrapbooking style) and so you will be seeing some scrapbooks and you will also be hearing me talk a little bit about why I’m changing the way I scrapbook.
 Please hang in there with me this month as I push to get last year scrapbook completed and I will for sure be checking in with you guys and showing your my progress!
 I was going to have a Mother’s Day Card Series this month, but I’ve decided not to do any card series this month.
 Thanks everyone for understanding!

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