Youtube Linking Party

Youtube Linking Party
Who can believe that we are in April  already? This year is flying by, which I don’t know it might be a good thing because it will feel like Fall and Winter gets here sooner (Which is my fav)
However it might be a bad thing if you are like me and don’t want to see your little ones get older and grow up!
Here is how it works: your youtube channel here. I will subscribe.
2.Subscribe to my blog and my Youtube channel, I will link mine first.
3. Comment on my channel and a video of your choice, I will do the same.
4. Repeat #3 to others in link party.
5. Return the favor of #4

This party is for crafters of all kinds. If I see you do not make craft videos you will be removed. If you do not subscribe or comment you will be removed. This party is over at the end of the month and a new one will start on the 1st of each month.

It will want to link a picture on your channel, So you may need an avatar or picture

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