Hi Everyone, 
 Well here we are again, another Monday and I wanted to share with you guys where I am with my Project Life Album!
 My life has been super crazy since I became a Stampin’ Up Demonstrator and there just has been a long list of stuff that I have been really wanting to accomplish and with it being June, and the realise of our new catalog there has been alot going on.
 Here is a short video with some updates for you. I did this at my webcam so I’m sorry its not the best video I’ve done!
 Episode 214

Remember now is a great time to update or backup your pictures and  videos. 
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1 thought on “Memories…”

  1. every since i got my camera that does video too i have felt blessed. my husband has n interest in doing either and i am a photo girl. i quickly realized that you dont need to make a 2 hour movie that would even put a mom to sleep. i do love the 5 -10 min videos every ow and then. sometimes they wl make scenes and play out a movie thats fun. i even love my i phone for it too. good job. i still love ghe whole layout thing and surely not as organized as you are so there photos slowly but surely get thrown into an album like yours the ones that didnt make it get tossed in CM box by date.


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