Project Life Fridays on a Monday!

Hi Everyone, 

 I believe that I told you guys last week that Wendy and I were going to start doing a “Project Life Friday” kind of thing! 
 My Husband doesn’t get home until 8:00 PM on Fridays and those are very long days for me, alot of the time Wendy will stop by and we will let the kids play and we will just hang out and visit, I treasure these times!!! For along time Wendy and I lived 4 hours apart and I’m so blessed to have my very best friend less than 2 minutes away from me! 
 A few weeks back as we were just hanging out I said – We should be working on our scrapbook albums. 
 And so Project Life Fridays Started!!!!! 

This last Friday Wendy and her Sister In Law came over and we worked on stuff! 

Violet helping Wendy work on her Scrapbooks

Scrapbooking stuff all over!

Kayla and Macie were tired after being outside all morning!
I hope you enjoy this small update on Project Life 
Episode 218 

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2 thoughts on “Project Life Fridays on a Monday!”

  1. You sure do have alot to scrap!! I am still working on my sons wedding album. Having some personal issues right now and have kinda lost my mojo. I hope it comes back soon, I wanted to give it to them for their anniversary which is August 27th! I cannot believe its July already!! Anyway, I have been using the 6×12 pages in his book. And even some 8 1/2×11. I just love them for adding the 'extra' pictures that are from that event but don't fit on the page.

  2. Thank you so much for making this video. It helped alot. I already have some page protectors and photo boxes. I am just waiting on the journaling cards right now.
    Karen from Ohio


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