Harvest Blessings Scrapbooking Kit

Can you tell that I’m ready for Fall!!!
I really love the fall, its so beautiful and I love the cold weather, I love it when the sky is grey and its raining! Its so soothing!
And as many of you know we moved last year and our house only has a Wood Stove, no central heat and it is so amazing! 
My favorite is that first cool Fall night and
 you have a few people around town that start up a fire in the fire place for the first time and the air smells of rain and wood stoves burning!
This is a truly the smell of home, its brings right back to growing up in this small town! And I love it!!! 
None of that has anything to with my post for today! LOL 
I wanted to share with you guys my first Scrapbooking Layout Kit!
I’ve been beyond excited with how well everything is going for my online classes and I have had some request to do a Scrapbooking Class! 
So here it is! 
“Harvest Blessings”
Episode 240

Class Dates: 9/23 3pm, 9/24 9am & Noon, 9/29 3pm & 6pm
(all class times are Pacific Standard Time)
Cost: $15.00 (12×12 Card Stock not included)

I’m super excited to be able to offer this and if you have any question please email me at katinamartinez@live.com

You must RSVP & Pay by 9/12/2012



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