Project Life: Family Album Update

(The video of my Family Project Life Album is at the bottom of this post!)

I was able to work a little bit on our family album this last week, I have around 500 photos that need to be printed!!! Yea I got a I little behind getting them printed this summer! LOL 
I’m really wanted to make sure everything is done for this year by the end of January 2013 so that next year a little bit easier! 

Next year list of albums to be done:
*Family Album 2013
For our family album I’m using this: Clementine Core Kit

I will be using The Core Kit, The Pattern Paper, The 3×4 Grid Cards & The 3×4 & 4×6 Color Cardstock that Coordinated with this collection

Violet’s Year 3 Album (She didn’t get a year 2)
I will be using a Mini “Childhood” Core Kit 

I will be using the Mini Core Kit (I’m thinking I will get 2 of these mini kits) and then I will match Stampin’ Up paper with this kit

Kayla’s 5 year old Album (which will also contain her “start of school” stuff
For Kayla’s I’m thinking about using the “Cobalt Core Kit”

The Core Kits come with a CRAZY amount of cards so I don’t even think that I would be using ALL of the core kit for Kayla. 

Next year I want to make things SUPER CRAZY EASY! 

Because I will not only be doing so many different albums next year, but I will also being doing Project Life Online Meetings and Classes I wanted to get everything for this year wrapped up no later than the end of January of next year. 

Here is some of my progress on our family Album and now I’m pushing through it without pictures right now. 

Episode 247

What does everyone think? Leave me a comment and let me know what your planning on doing for next year! 
Remember I’m currently working on putting together “Project Life Meetings” for next year, once a month we will get together and work on our project life albums. 
I think its going to be alot of fun, I’ve put alot of work into this and I’m hoping lots of you will be interested. 


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