Project Life Catch Up

Hi Everyone, Happy Monday! I wanted to share with you where I’m at with My “Project Life” Scrapbooking right now. 

About 3 weeks ago I order over 500 photos. I got a really great deal through I had a 50% off my entire order plus FREE shipping! I jumped right in and got them printed.
Here is what it all looked the week I got it! 

I just spread it all out on my kitchen and I started trying to get caught up. I realized after I got my order that I didn’t get any of September Pictures printed. I was really bummed about that. 

Its been okay, I’m so looking forward to next year when I’m able to stay on on top of it. 

I have to tell the other thing that I’m looking forward to is just having the Core Kit! 
I’m so over trying to pick out paper and match it…. I just want to get my pictures in and have fun with it. 
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