Thank You Cards

 One of my very favorite cards to make are Thank You Cards! I don’t know what it about them, but I just love making them more than any other cards. 
These are some cards I made for my customers for the month of January, I try I sent down every few weeks and make 10 – 15 cards of the same thing so that I have them on hand to send out! 
On a side note, can you believe that is the 300th video I’ve uploaded for you guys! Wow!!!
I’m amazed at how far I’ve come with this Blog! 
Can you believe that I didn’t even want to start a blog when a very wonderful friend suggested it! I’m so glad that she did because I am loving what I’m doing now! 
I also hope you guys like the new header that has been up for about week now! It took a little bit of time for me to get it just how I wanted it, I’m glad I pushed through and kept working on it! I really do love the way it has turned out. 
Episode 300



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