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Hello My Lovely Friends, 
This post is a little bit different today! 
Wow right!!!! Wish me luck! 
Here is a video I did for the Design Team Call

August 2013 Project Life Family Album 

For all of August I used the MIDNIGHT Core Kit
We were pretty busy in August, so I tried to keep it simple
and get as much journaling in as I could. 
I’ve also found a love for letter stickers once again! 
I wanted to include some photos of our home and this was the perfect way to do it. 
I had some 12×12 Grey Designer Paper that worked perfect for the background and then I used a 6×6 Paper Pad that had the same colors (Black & Yellow) as the Midnight Core kit

For this next week I used a “First/Last Page” Card from the Midnight Core kit, Instead of a Title Card. 
The rest of my “layout” is just photos and journaling.
However I had 4 Inserts this week because it was a busy week.
I had 2 8 1/2 x 11 Inserts.
I had 3 Awards and then on the very back side of my last insert I 
cut down a title card, add a handmade card I received along with 
a receipt from my favorite store 
I used 2 Design C Inserts from Becky Higgins
1 Insert documented a Business Awards Ceremony I had 

The other Insert documented a Funeral trip my husband went on. 
It was in his home town. 
The first picture is of some road construction that was STILL going on, even 3 years after we moved. 
He posted this picture facebook with a caption. 
I did a screen shot of all the comments he got and included that as my journaling for that photo.

In the bottom corner of this insert I also placed the
a Card I made for my husband and some items he brought 
home from the service.
(He still hasn’t done the journaling for this page!!!)

My next two weeks end up being pretty normal, nothing really big happens, I used the same technique as before to capture some facebook comments left on a photo I posted and then I also stuck with the Midnight Core Kit and the 6×6 Paper Pad I had. 
The very last week I did add one more insert 
A 8 1/2 x 11 to put to place a few extra photos of a family trip we went on and then the very back of that insert had some memorabilia from a new church we tried out. 
The Pastor sent us a post card a few weeks after we had attend and I put it in the pocket as well. 
I must say that I am IN LOVE with Project life, and I enjoy the “weekly approach” It makes me DIG into our life and take photos of everyday moments! 
Some weeks I have WAY more photos, and so I embrace INSERTS! Other weeks life is busy and I forget to take photos. 

It is in the those moments that I have to tell our stories through my writing! 

It is NEVER perfect, sometimes its not easy, but its MY story, the Story of MY FAMILY. 
And when one of my children pull out our Family Album and begin looking the photos it melts my hearts! 
Thank you BECKY HIGGINS for make this process easier than ever and for creating products that ROCKS
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