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Good Morning Friends, and Merry Christmas! 
I can’t believe that Christmas is tomorrow! 
It really is the most wonderful time of the year and 
it goes by too fast! 
The last few days I have been spending a great deal of time reflecting on this last year and planning what I want to do next year with 
Project Life Albums! 
Because I have not had time to prep my next topic regarding Journaling in the Project Life Mini Series I thought I would share with you all of the Albums I will be working in the coming year, 
My Goals & Plans 
I will start by sharing the albums I will be working, what my goals are for those albums and then I will go into more detail with each album! {This ended up being a really LONG blog post}
Family Album

Setting Up My 2014 Project Life Album

{This video is 30 minutes long, I set up my album and I also talk about my goals for this next year!}

My goals for our family album this year:
1. Take Better Photos. {or edit them a little bit before printing}
2. Journal MORE and do some of it on the computer.
3. Include MORE of our story in our Album.
4. Stay Caught up
I will be using a TON of different Project Life Product
I will be sharing EVERY month my progress with this album. 
The LAST Saturday of every month is my Project Life Blog Hop! 
If you would like to share your progress with everyone please send me an email and I will add you to the list! { – Subject Line: Project Life Blog Hop}
The album I’m using for our family album is the 
I get these albums either at Michael’s With a coupon 
or Target!
Kayla’s Album 

This is Kayla’s 3rd Scrapbook. 
I started this album for her in 2013 on her Birthday. 
So this album holds her 5th year and now I will document her 6th year in it as well! 
I do at least one 2 page spread per month, I insert art work and school work when I want to save something. 
I also place cards she gets or special “papers or activities” she wants to save. 
At this point she is 6 years old and knows what Scrapbooking is, 
I want her to be as involved as she wants to be in documenting her life! 
This album is ONLY found at Michael’s and I used a coupon on it and got it for $8.99
Violet’s Album 
This is Violet’s 3rd Scrapbook.
This is a fresh scrapbooking album for Violet and it started in November of 2013. She is 4 years old now. 
It will end being the same layout as Kayla’s. 
1 two page spread each month and then inserts of art work, school work or extra photos when needed. 
I should get the next 4 or 5 years in this album for her! 
Violet’s album is the same as our family album just in a different color. 
Andrew’s Album 

This is Andrew’s 2nd Scrapbook. 
I am doing a mini album for him this year, much like I did for Violet last year. 
I will do the same thing I did for Violet’s 3rd Year Album
I will do 1 spread each month, some months will have two pages per month!
Andrew’s album is a Project Life Mini Album 
I’ve got both of my Project Life Mini albums on Amazon.
Personal Progress Album
This is the album I am using, I got it a Ross a few years back. 
I really love it! 
This album is NOT a 3 Ring Album, however I am still use the pocket page Design A from Becky Higgins
To make sure there would be enough room in the album I used an extender this way the pages are not in the album really tight. 
{If you are interested in seeing a video on this let me know}

This is my first year attempting an album like this. 
Without going into too much detail the last 2 years have been really hard for me. Our family has been through alot with moving, and adding Andrew to our family. 
We have also had a good amount of stress that has weighed down on our family and we are finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 
With that said, I have realized that I need to spend some time focusing on my Spiritual, emotional and physical well being. 
It is something that I want to document and it will help me to stay motivated.  
I am also taking some classes starting at the beginning of the year to help me through this process. 
The first one is a class that I have taken before
This class comes with a set a Project Life Cards that I will be using in my album. 
I know this class is a little on the expensive side. I have been planning on take this class for a few months now. 
I loved the last One that Becky Higgins did, and wanted to redo the class. 
I am also taking this Class 
This class is by Cathy Zielske
I really love her and her story, she inspires me!! 
It is also not as expensive. It is only $35.00 
{Use the coupon code: MMEW31 And save $5.00}

Move More, Eat Well Jumpstart

31 Days To a Happier, Healthier You

January is the perfect time to commit to a healthier lifestyle. But why go it alone, when the motivational and personable Cathy Zielske is here to pump you up? (You’re welcome for the vintage Saturday Night Live reference.)
Over the course of 31 days, Cathy will pose questions and challenges designed to connect you to what is needed most in your personal process of self-care. No, you won’t end the month model thin or marathon ready. But through crafty goodness, daily interaction with Cathy, four live chats, and the support of a private online community, you willjump start your commitment to moving more and eating well.
I do not have a “plan” laid out for this album, I don’t have any kind of goals set on how I will put this album together. I will be using it like a journal to document my personal progress through out this next year. 
I will be back this week with new project and then next Tuesday I will have the final installment of my mini series.
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