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Project Life Mini Series – Photos!

Hello Friends, today we are going to be talking about PHOTOS! 
I have received so many questions and comments about this subject so I am very happy to be diving into it with you guys!!!! 
Because the subject of PHOTOS is so big, lets brake it down: 
Here is the order in which we will be talking about photos: 
1. Taking Photos 
2. Getting the Photos to your computer
3. Organizing Your Photos
4. Editing Your Photos
5. Printing Your photos {Picking which to include in your album}
Episode 476 – Taking Your Photos & Transferring them.

 Photo Organization 
It has taken me YEARS to find a system that worked for me. 
This system WORKS for me perfectly, its how I think, its what I needed. 
This system may not work for you, and that is okay. 
Find something that works for you, take this system and tweak it to fit your style. 
My Photo Organization on my computer!
  Editing Your Photos
This does not mean you have to go purchase a $200.00 program to edit photos and it doesn’t mean to you have to spend the next 3 months taking a photo edit program! 
My favorite way to edit photos is www.picmonky.com
There are 2 simple edits you do if you want when it comes to editing your photos. 

Here is the program that I talked about in the video, the cost for the I linked to is $60.00 I have seen it go for cheaper than that. You can always look around on Ebay to try and find it a bit cheaper. 
This is the easiest program to use!!! Its a free download and I did a video review/tutorial HERE that you can watch! 
Photosheet – If you on a PC will be perfect to put two photos together. 
If you are on a MAC you will want to use Project Life App! 

Episode 479  – Printing Your Photos & Picking what to put into your album 

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