Project Life Series – Day#2

Getting Started with Project Life: 
What to document and what to do when you don’t have alot to document! 

When thinking about “documenting your life” try to think of things you are feeling, what is going around you, the weather, what is happening in the news. 
What are you recently watching, what is your favorite new food. 
Who are YOU, what do you like, what are you reading? 
Getting Caught Up when you are MONTHS & MONTHS behind: 

A really big Thank You to Wendy Cranford! 
She is really my best friend and we have so much fun together. 
I am so happy to see her new approach to Project Life! 
Please take a few minutes to head over to website and wish her luck with in her new journey with Project Life!
Project Life Goal Setting: 
This is the last segment for today, and we are going to dive in and talk about goal setting and why its important and what kind of goals to set. 

My Goals for 2014 Project Life:
Take Better Photos – Maybe taking some time to edit them before I print them. 
Journal on the computer more
More everyday photos / Digging deep into what we are feeling!
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