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To understand why I love Project Life you have hear my Story: 
My Project Life Story 

Here is the video that I mention in the above video. 
I adore the concept of Project Life and this video that Becky Higgins did introducing the original concept of Project Life is amazing and it HIT the NAIL ON THE HEAD for me with EVERYTHING I was struggling with, and EVERYTHING I desired to do with my memory keeping. 
What is Project Life? 

Traditional Scrapbooking vs Project Life Scrapbooking

Traditional Scrapbooking Page
This is a one of the last pages that I ever scrapbooked in a “traditional format” while enjoy the process of scrapbooking these pages would take me hours to complete. (1.5 – 3 hours was what I would spend on average putting pages together) 

Both of these pages are great examples of Project Life Style Pages.
By far the greatest thing about about Project Life is I NO LONGER have to think up, create, find a “layout idea”. 

The design of the page is already taken care of for me. 
For me, the hardest part of Project Life was finding the right balance between loving being creative with my pages, and allow it be simple and effective. 
Lets talk about that a little bit later!!!
Basic Project Life Product!
What do you really need to get started. 
Episode 470 {Basic Product} 

Here are all the items I share in my video: 
You can find them at: 
Target – $19.99 , Amazon $29.99, Michael’s $29.99 
You can often time at Michael’s use a 40 – 50% off coupon or they will go on sale Buy one Get One FREE 
*A great tip for albums is get them around the Holiday Season, Michael’s will have a Buy One Get One Free and they you can use a coupon of 20-25% off your entire purchase including sale items. 
You will end up getting the albums for less than $12.00 a piece. 
My 2 favorite kits are 
And they work great together! You can also find these on SALE at big box craft stores and you can use coupons on them. 
Journaling Pens – 
Your favorite pen to write with here are some of mine 
Your photos!!! We are going to talk more about photos later on. 

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