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Hello Friends, I have a pretty massive post for you today!!! 
I wanted share with you my Personal Progress Album that I’ve been working on since the beginning of the year. 
I am really glad that I’ve been doing this, it has been a lot of work an I’m not done, nor am I perfect! 
I also am not making as much progress in certain areas as I would like, but I am just going to keep working on it!!!! 
This post as ALOT of photos!!! I wanted you to get good idea of how I’ve put together the album. 
Episode 495 

This is a photo of the cards from the 1st Class I’m taking 
Moving More, Eat Well
These are a TON of photos from my album
These are the first few pages. 
As I mentioned in my video our Family computer crashed and I have not had a chance to get photos printed. 

 This is how I’ve set up the pages for the 2nd class that I am taking 

I was so happy to have my Project Life Cards 
sorted by COLOR 
It make it super easy to go through and get journaling cards and a few filler cards to go with each week of the class. 

These photos are just of the Becky Higgins Class cards, I wanted to show how easy it was to make up some journaling and filler cards each week so that I am ready. 

I really believe in setting all of my albums up as much as I can before my project even begins. 
This is what helps me be successful in completing so many albums each year. 

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