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Hello Friends, it has been a few weeks since posted anything about about my Project Life Adventures! 
I currently have these albums I am working on: 
Family Album 
Personal Progress Album 
Kayla’s Album 
Violet’s Album 
Andrew’s Album 
I would love to start sharing with you all the different aspects of my Project Life Adventures each Tuesday. 
I know that Jessica Turner on The Mom Creative had a featured called Project Life Tuesday and that is why I started posting my Project Life stuff on Tuesday so I could link 
with her each week. 
I have no idea if she is still doing this, she has not had a 
Project Life Share in the last few weeks. 
Post Project Life Stuff on Tuesday has stuck and it what now works for me. I’m in now way trying to take over Project Life Tuesday or step on any toes! Thanks! 

This weeks Project Life Lesson Share
I’ve decided to call this series Project Life Lessons because its going to cover many different topics. 
If you have a topic you would like me to cover or you have questions please let me know and I will try and cover it. 
I will also try and do a link up using InLinkz so that you can share with me your solution or opinion on whatever subject I am covering. 
Today I am going to be sharing with you my Project Life Supplies other than my Core Kits! 
Episode 500

In my video I mention that I am going to changing my storage to this: 
This unit will be able to hold all of my supplies along with my plastics. I will then be able to put my current albums on top so everything is in one place. 
And lets do a fun giveaway since this was my 500 youtube video upload! Wow how did that happen. I feel like I just recorded my first video. 
Project Life Giveaway:
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