Craft Room Update!




I’m so excited to share this project with you. 
I’ve been wanting to do this now for close to a year! 
I have to first say, I am very blessed to have the space to have a 
craft room. Up until now I’ve been using the 3rd bedroom in our home. It is much smaller than the other rooms and towards the back of our home. 
Now that Andrew is really in need of his own room we decided to convert our Garage into my 
Stampin’ Up Office/Class Room/Craft Room! 
Its hard for the kids to be in my office room right because I just don’t have the space. I go crazy with them under my feet! 
Now my office will more than double in space. 
I will be able to have local class as well in this space! 
That is HUGE! 
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Here are some photos from the start of the redo!

This is how the garage looks now! 
we are in the process of cleaning it out.
We are then going to take out the garage door and add 
a wall, a door and a window.

Here is my cart from Ikea all put together!

Yesterday I went to Ikea to get the supplies for the counter top! 
I will have a 147 inches in counter space running down one side of them room!!!! AMAZING! 
Here are the items that I got! 
This photo is so great, the table top is white and I got three of them. I will line them up to create one long counter. 
These were $25.00 a piece. 
I purchased 4 of these. 
1 will go at each end of the counter 
1 will go at each seem! 
I had wanted a L shape counter, however I realized that I can always ADD to this space later on. 
My husband will be building a base for these drawer units to add 5 inches to the height so that my counter top. 
I want to be able to stand to do some of my crafting.  
This item will hold all my Project Life Supplies. 
I had to change to my storage idea for my Project Life Stuff. 
(Video Coming Soon)
I will keep you up to date on the progress of my room! 
You can purchase any of the Stampin’ Up products through me by clicking on the products above or visiting my 
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