New Craft Room Progress




Happy Monday Everyone! 
I wanted to share with you a craft room update!
A TON of work happened over the weekend. 
Here is a photo of my office when we started. 
Now we are putting alot of the stuff from the garage in this room for right now. 
Here is how it looked at first
And it we have just kept adding stuff to it! 
Here is a photo of my office now. 
This is the corner where I’m still trying to work on 
Stampin’ Up Business stuff, getting Thank You cards out to customers, answer emails, editing video and photos.

Here is a video I did for you! 
Episode 511

FYI – This weekend I had MORE computer issue, remember I just had computer issue a month ago and got a new computer… yea well it broke, so I took it back and I got a MACbook pro. 
It is a WHOLE new world! 
I’m now using iPhoto and iMovie! 
This is a huge learning process for me. 
It took me 2 hours to edit a video that would have taken me 20 minutes before, please have grace with me as I am struggling to find the time to learn this new system! 
I hoping to see the wood floors go in today! 
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