Project Life: Title Cards




Today I wanted to share with you how I am getting 
caught up on some of Project Life Album. 
I have been able to keep up on my weekly layouts, 
I’ve been getting photos printed and getting them into 
the pockets. I have even been able to add a few 
extra embellishments here and there! 
However my journaling has really been LACKING!
I wanted to dive in take care of this today, its really been
starting to feel like it was hanging over my head. 
And I also wanted to talk to you about Title Cards
What are they? 
Why do I use them
How do I use them! 
So lets dive in and talk about it. I have a video for you and it ended up being around 20 minutes long! 
Episode 530

I said in my video that I have a PINTEREST 
board that I keep all my Project Life Printables organized
You can CLICK HERE to see those!  
For all of January I used the 
and then I made the monthly 3×4 cards. 
Sometimes my title card will work together 
with a 3×4 card. Here I have a title card with the month 
and the dates circled, and my 3×4 card has which week it is. 

This title card doesn’t have anything, the card itself 
had some writing on it and that is what I used as the “Title” 

This card I created using a month card I purchased on 
You can find a ton of Project Life Cards HERE

Here is a short supply list of some items I use when I am 
creating my title cards: 
Stampin’ Up Supplies: 
You can purchase any of the Stampin’ Up products through me by clicking on the products above or visiting my 
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