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Hello Friends, I am so excited!! 
I’ve spent the last 36 hours moving into my new space. 
Its not DONE yet! There is still some painting 
and finishing work to be done! 
But I had to get back to work, so I moved in what I could 
and started the process! 
What a process it has been, its taking some getting use to and I have been throwing things away like CRAZY! 
Here is a few pictures to hold you over!!! 
This was when I first started moving in! 
I had to just start putting everything into the room. 

Then it took me about 12 hours or so to place everything 
where I thought it might go. 
The plan that I had in my head as to where I wanted 
stuff in NO WAY worked out REALLY. 
I really didn’t know that I would to just try things out as I went. 
I’m still getting use to be in the space!

The month of March was super crazy for me and there were few milestones that I hit! 
I wanted to do a giveaway since I missed them. 
First I hit 4000 YOUTUBE subscribers! 
Thank you so much for subscribing 
and watching my videos! 
I love making videos and I hope to be alot more of 
in the coming weeks. 
And then I hit 300 FACEBOOK likes! 
Of course I have to do a giveaway for these things! 
I thought I would giveaway A Stamp Set! 
Enter The Giveaway HERE:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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