Project Life Blog Hop – July Pages!

Happy Saturday everyone, today is another Project Life 
Blog Hop! I loving sharing with you my monthly pages. 

It seems like I just don’t have the TIME I need to work on these 
pages the last few month. I have been reminded recently that this is the reason I decide to switch from Traditional Scrapbooking to Project Life Style Scrapbooking! 

I am always happy when I have YOU join me for these hop. 
If you are interested in being apart of these Blog Hop please let me know by sending me an email: 
Subject Line: Monthly Project Life Blog Hops! 
These happen the LAST SATURDAY of EVERY MONTH! 

July’s Blog Hop Line Up: 
Its that time of the year where I’ve had to start a new album. 
I do 2 albums for each year, there is just NO way that I can get a whole YEAR into one album. 
I wish I could… but it just NEVER happen!!! 
I have a TON to share with you this month so this video is LONG! 

Episode 572 

I still have journaling to finish up between May – June. 
After I get that finished up then the first volume for this year will move into our living room. 
Yes I am quickly running out of places to put these albums! 
July – Weeks 27 – 29
I had MANY fun inserts for the month of July! 
It starts with the 4th of July and all the things we did for that Holiday!

Then we had inserts for our Family Vacation! 
One for during our Vacation. I picked a handful of photos that sort of “Told The Story” of our vacation. 
Then we had a 2nd insert for a trip to the beach we took on our way home. 

Now I am still a few weeks behind with my photos, I forgot to print all the way through the most current week when I got photos printed, but that shouldn’t be too hard once I get photos printed again. 
I really love the way the pages look when I can layer in different inserts! 
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