Project Life Plastic Storage Chit Chat!!!!

Hello Friends, It has been forever since I talked any about Project Life. 
To be honest I’ve gotten a little behind again, Not too bad! 
I really just need to get photos printed and I will do that before our next Project Life Blog Hop! 

I wanted to share with you that once again I’ve changed up the the way I’m storing my Project Life Plastics

I thought I would share with you WHY I changed back to the original way I had my Plastic Set Up! 
I shouldn’t have messed with!!! If its NOT broke, DON’T fix it.
{Check Out My First Video on this HERE

Episode 588

Here is the link to the document that I talked abut in my video! 

I have to admit that I have MORE page protectors than I know what to do with! I really don’t plan on purchasing any more 
page protectors for a VERY long time! 

You can purchase any of the Stampin’ Up products through me by clicking on the products above or visiting my ONLINE STORE HERE
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