Craft Room Saturday!

Hello Friends and welcome to Craft Room Saturday!!!! 
One of things that I LOVE sharing with you is anything that has to do with organization. 
I enjoy organizing pretty much anything!!! 
Last spring we completely redid our garage into my Office/Craft Room!!!!! It took much longer than we thought it would and by the time I was really able to move in to the space I just needed to get back to work!! 
This was taken 5 1/2 long weeks after we started {We had wanted to finish the project in a 1 week!!} 
There were still several things left unfinished, but at this pointed I needed to get back to work! 
The photo above was from about 2 weeks after I moved in to the room and was working in it!!!! 
I thought I would start this monthly featured – Every 3rd Saturday of the Month I’m going to share with you something from Craft Room!
From projects that still need to be finished
To different ways I’m making this space work for me!!!!! 
I am hoping that this will also give me a “Deadline” to get things finished! 
So lets dive in this month and let me show you around!!

Here are a few current photos:{Since this video and these photos have been taken I have changed round a few things. I’m looking forward to sharing them with you next month.}

Those walls are really starting to bug me!!! I’m not sure I will get to them this month! I think I’m going to have to order the Wall Paper that I want online because Lowes still doesn’t have it in. 
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