Hello From St. George Utah

Hello From St. George Utah, I can’t believe that I am really here, in St. George Utah with so many other amazing demonstrators! 
I wanted to share with you with some of the really amazing things happening here at Founder Circle!!!! but before I do that I want to let you know that you can WIN this Stamp Set 
In order to win you will want to head over to my Facebook page HERE and leave a comment in the post with the picture of the stamp set! 
Yesterday was a very crazy day and really all I did was travel!!!! I’m not really big on traveling, I don’t like having to fly on air planes or travel on a bus!!! 
So because of that it felt like the day was really LONG! 
Here are some of the photos from all the fun!!!!!! 
Wendy Cranford and I, after being friends for 23 years and NEVER going out of town together we finally get to go on a really amazing adventure together. 
There really is no other person I would rather get to experience this with!!!!! 
This is a another large fire that is burning close to us, it was pretty cool to see it from the above like this. 

Not the best picture, this is what was waiting for us when got here and I was pretty excited to start meeting people! 

This was the first activity that we did and it was alot of fun, Yes that would be Shelli Gardner at our table! It is crazy to be surrounded by so many amazing people! 

More pictures to come! 
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