Craft Room Series #3 – My Desk

Craft Room Desk

I’ve been looking forward to sharing this part of my craft room with you all month! There have been some MAJOR changes that have happened! 

The questions and comments I get the most from everyone center around my desk area! 
So today I will be sharing with you EVERYTHING about this area and how I have set it up. 

This last month I was finally able to lift my desk up. It is now the same height as a standard kitchen counter. 

It was a MAJOR project and it took my Husband about 4 hours to get everything done! We had pull everything off the desk and out from the wall! 

Craft Room Changes – The Desk!

I wanted to be able to LINK all product that I used so that you can find it easily if you are making changes to your Craft Room Desk! 

This is the shelf unit that my Husband build for me. He built this for me 6 or 7 years ago and there was NOTHING on the market that worked like this. 
How you can find these kinds of units at Stamp-n-Storage I love this company and would love to add some of their storage collections to my space. 

My Husband did a video for me talking about HOW he put this shelf unit together!  

Everything for the DESK part was purchased at Ikea. I got 4 Small Alex Drawer units (They are $79.99) and then I got 3 the Linnmon Table Tops at Ikea as well. 

When I decided to move into this room I knew that I wanted to design my work space with 2 separate ares in mind. My work space/Filming area and my Office/Computer area. 
When I designed this space these are the items I got at Ikea! 
There were also some items that I already had that I knew I wanted to Design my desk around. 
I love these units that you can pick up at either Walmart, Target or Lowes
This unit is on the wall right my work space area and it holds other items that I use all the time while filming or creating. 
I ADORE these units and have them ALL over my house! 
This is the final look at my desk area, it has all come together better than I could imagined. The hight is perfect, and I love that I can now stand while working when I need to. 
I also love that my computer/office area is separate from where I create. 
Over all it was not that expensive to put together! It did require that I really think about How and Why I wanted things set up so that I could the pieces that worked best! 
I would love to SEE your space! Come on over to my FACEBOOK page and share photos of your space! 

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2 thoughts on “Craft Room Series #3 – My Desk”

  1. So glad I came upon your blog. I just set up my new studio IKEA room planner.I have been trying different units of the alex drawers with a table top in the center of my room. this set up will work perfect for me. tell your husband you both did a primo job

    thank you so much


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