Calendar Pages: May & June

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Here are 2 sets of Calendar pages I got done last week!! I really enjoy working on these Calendar pages! 
They always inspire me to want to do more “Scrapbooking” 
May & June’s Calendar Pages: 

For some reason I tend to start liking “trends” after they are no longer trends, I don’t know why this is! 
For an example – Gold! Is this still a trend? I don’t know! Around spring time last year it was all the rage and I didn’t care of it!
Now I’m starting to fall in love with it!
Chevron – really really HATED this trend when I first started seeing it! I couldn’t stand Yellow with Grey Chevron – HELLO!!! 
In love with it now!!! Can you tell! (the whole website redesign was based on this theme!) 
I’m very much a visual person, its hard for me to “picture” how thing will turn out, or how they will work together. 
But once I start seeing what other people are doing with certain things I end up loving them. 
(Don’t even get me started on how much I hated Calypso Coral!!! and now… sort of love that color, couldn’t live without!)
May’s Calendar Page:
You can see in this close up photo where I accidentally started to trim the photo mat and why I decided 
to add the Gold Washi Tape
June’s Calendar Page:
I had two different Designer Series Paper I used. I try to keep the base designer paper the same for both Calendars. 
I ended up not having 2 of the same design on hand, and because I’m working on these so late in the year I couldn’t wait to get more
And here is the second one. I wish I had two of this yellow design! I love how this one turned out! I also wish I would have the 
1 1/2 light purple strip at the bottom! 
Which one do you like better? The Darker Yellow or the Polka Dot Yellow? Leave me a comment and let me know! 
How are you liking the Blog Redesign? This redesign has been in the works for awhile and I am so happy that its finally here for you to see. 
There are still a few minor things happening, small tweaks! Hang in there with me while I get everything moved around working how I it should! 
Make sure you come back on Sunday for the “Official Launch” of the redesign! I have a fun giveaway for you guys ! 

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