Project Life Mini Series 2014 – Photos

I’m excited to jump in and share with you another small Project Life Series! Last year around this time I did a 
Project Life 101 series and you can visit that series HERE 

I enjoy talking with everyone about Project Life and where you are at with Memory Keeping! 
A few weeks back I asked a few Project Life related questions on my FACEBOOK page that decided that I could 
answer them during this series!!! 

Project Life Photos Introduction:

The number one struggle I have is with photos! 
1. What to take photos of.
2. When/Where to print photos. 
3. How to get more photos into my album. 
4. How to back up my photos. 
5. Where to store extra photos. 

You will want to start by getting my “Ultimate Guide To Capturing Everyday Moments” This is going to guide you through the year
with TONS of photo ideas. 

What To Take Photos of: 

I have always used Snapfish to get my photos printed. In 2012 & 2013 I did use Walgreens as I printing my photos weekly. 
This year as I switch from printing weekly to printing monthly I will go back to using Snapfish

You first have to decide WHEN/How often you want to print photos. I personally like the weekly method where you print one day 
a week and drop your photos into your album. 
This year I will be trying to find a monthly printing method that works for me. 

Print Photos Weekly vs Monthly: 

The only camera I use now to take our everyday photos is my iPhone. 
This tends be the easiest thing for me. My phone is always with me and now that I have a Macbook Pro all my photos magically appear on my computer. (Wham, Bam Thank you MAC!)

Because I do have a Macbook Pro my photo back-up/Storage issues have gotten alot easier. 
I keep a folder in iPhoto that says Project Life 2014 (whatever year it is) and then in that folder I keep 12 additional folders that list the months. (January – December) 
Every month all the photos from that month go into the folder that is needed. 
I also have folders for Special Events 
In September I went to Founder Circles w/ Stampin’ Up so in my September folder I also have a folder that says “Founder Circle”

On Wednesday I will be sharing with you WHAT products I be using this next year!

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