Craft Room Series – ClosetMaid Units & Blends Storage!

Hello Friends! I have some really neat storage ideas to share with you today. 
Most of you know that I love to Organize! And when it comes to my office/craft room things 
are always getting organized and moved around. 
I’m blessed enough to have this room all to myself! Which means I don’t have check with anyone else to see if it works for them. 
I just get to move things around how I want them!! 

This was the MAJOR change that took place at the beginning of January

I really love the way all these pieces worked together and it gave me the perfect storage 

January’s Craft Room Update: 

There have been a quite a few changes in my craft room this month. 
There were several things that were not working for me any more.
The main issue was where I was storing my stamp set. 
They use to be stored on my desk like this: 

I had been thinking about changing the way my Stamp Sets where stored and 
this ended up working perfectly. 

I had the hardest time finding these Mini ClosetMaid Cubes
In the past I have found them at Target but after going to several different Target’s in 2 different states I didn’t think I was going to find any. 
I lucky and scored some from Wendy because she was redoing how she stored some items and didn’t them any more! 
These are perfect for your Stampin’ Up Stamp and your Stampin’ Up Ink Pads! 
They also pair perfectly with these Recollections Mini Drawer Organizers!
I ended up getting 2 of the first box and 1 of the second box! 
I found these at Michael’s! They were 40% off when I picked them up so they were around $12.00. 
I love ClosetMaid Cubes and I have them all around my Craft Room. 
I love that these are not all that expensive. I have 2 Nine cube units that are right next to each other. 
The Nine Cube Organizers are $39.00 and the 6 Cube Organizers are $34.99. 
I get my cube organizers at Lowes!
These work great for storage and they work great as a extra space to spread projects out that I’m working on. 
The next thing I’m going to be working on in my craft room is a built in shelf unit. 
Next month I will I will sharing photos of all of things left on my “To Do List” for this room.

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