Kayla’s Birthday Snowflake Treat Boxes

Did you ever watch the movie “The Truman Show” with Jim Carrey
In the beginning of the movie when he says “Good Morning, Good Afternoon and in case I don’t see you Good night”… 
I always feel like starting off my blog post like that!!! 
(Just a little trip inside my head today!!!!!)

Today’s blog post is one that is so very special to my heart! 
Today is my baby girls 7th birthday!! How in the world do I get to a place in life where I have a 7 year old little girl!!!! 
Don’t worry I have crafty stuff for you at the end of this blog! Just keep reading!!!! 

Kayla introduced me to motherhood!!! Wow did she ever!!
After her swift arrival weighing 7 lbs 5 oz she quickly began teaching me what it meant to worry every moment of 
everyday for the little life I had been blessed with!!!! 
This last year we decided to put her into Public School! I had homeschooled her last 2 years. I wanted to make little treats 
for her to give to her class and she wanted to make cookies. 
Kayla’s Birthday Treats: 
I love how these cute little treat boxes turned out and I just really have a soft spot for anything with snowflakes!! 
I ended up using this punch on a few other projects! 
Real Life Moment: 
I only had to do 20 these for her classes, but I still wanted to keep it simple! 
These would have been perfect…but guess what… 
When I went to put these together (the night before I her birthday) I realized that I was 2 boxes short.
I had to do something completely different! Life happens right! 
Stay tune for what I ended up doing! 

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