Organizing scraps of paper!

A few weeks ago I was having a blissful afternoon in my craft room! I was deep in the 
middle of some project when I had to stop because my scrap bin was OUT OF CONTROL! 

I do try to use my scraps, but I’m not always good a it! I decided to dumb it all out get it organized!

Organizing Scrap Paper:

I sorted my scrap by size, and not by color. I wanted them to all fit into this counter and sit nicely. 
I don’t mind flipping through this to find the color I need. 
I also took out my Whisper White Cardstock scraps and I store them in another container 
on my desk so that I can access those scraps quickly. 

The container I found at Staples and it is called “Real Useful Box” 
I’ve used these in may areas of my craft room and in our to store different things. 
I love how you can stack them on to of each other and fit perfectly. 
This size also fits perfectly on my ClosetMaid Cubes
I also threw away a ton of really small scraps that I really wasn’t going to use! 
I hope you enjoyed a look at the way I store my scraps! 

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