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Hey Everyone! Welcome to Memory Keeping Friday!!! 
I wanted to share with you guys some fun with the Project Life App! 
I really adore this App and I love how easy it is to use it! 
Project Life App! 
*Video Processing! 
Here are a few of the pages I have created! 
I could never comment to ONLY doing my memory keeping in a digital form. I love all my product too much! 
However I do think that there is a place in my life for these digital pages. 
This page is of Violet Victoria and she recently turned 5. 
I wanted to great a snapshot of different parts of her life and personality at this age. 
It was so easy to put together!  
Project Life App
One of the great things about using this app is I got to try a few different ideas, layout and looks for the page, 
but I didn’t have make huge purchases to do it. 
Both of the kits in the app that I purchased where only .99 cents
I was able to save both layouts and compare which one I liked better before commenting to printing it and putting it into an album. 

 Project Life App
For this next layout I was wanting to capture some everyday moments and I was able to use 2 different kits 
to create a layout that worked. 
Project Life App
This is by far my favorite layout I’ve ever put together. This moment that I captured is at the very heart of why 
I adore memory keeping. And of course why I can never give it up.
Project Life App
While we were celebrating the Christmas Holiday at my Grandparents house I was sitting at the counter 
watching my Grandma bake. 

She asked me to get out her cook book! And I did. What I found in side was beyond amazing. 

There were tiny, incredible pieces of her life!!
She got this cook when she was in high school, back when you had to take a little class called “Home Economics”
As I sat and flipped through her cook book I found things like recipes for gas and groceries, A PG&E bill, one of my Grandpa’s paycheck stubs! (where he was making 2.86 an hour). 
Old family recipes, notes my grandma had for holiday gathering and dinners she was making! 
It was so much fun to be able to go through these things and have my Grandma tell me stories of her life. They were little facts about her life that I would not have otherwise heard. 
I will forever cherish those moments with my Grandmother, as she recalled different moments of her life that seemed so ordinary to her! It was the highlight of my trip!
Printing Project Life Pages: 
I have been using Stampin’ Up MDS program. You can download it for FREE and try it for 30 days HERE
Today I Challenge you to take a photo of a piece of your mail!! A bill, a store add, a coupon!! 
It will be worth remembering! I promise! 

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