3 Simple ways you organize your photos!

One of the questions that I get the most is about photos! Everything from where to put them on your computer to where to put them once you get them printed! 
Lets look at 3 simple ways you can organize your photos that will not only keep things simple but will inspire you to get those photos into albums! 
Organizing your photos on your computer: 

Now as I said in my video I am a HUGE Apple Product fan! Life has been alot easier since I switched to an iPhone and a MAC Book Pro! 
However the concept I use for sorting photo has been the same no matter what kind of computer I have. 
{3 Simple Ways To Organize Photos}
Here are my main ways of sorting photos. We start with how I sort them on my computer and how I get them printed. 
1. On Your Computer:
Over the years I have changed the way I store my photos on my computer. 
Years ago I use to only print photos every 3 months. Now I print ever 3 to 4 week. 

Now that I am printing Monthly I don’t need so many folders for each month. 
However if I print twice during the month than I would have 2 folders and I would name this like this: 
Beginning of the January 
End of January 
2. Where ever you get your photos printed:
I have printed from may different places over the year, however I have always come back to snapfish.com 
Snapfish has great quality and the prices amazing. 
I also like the fact that I can my photos printed in a Matt finish instead of a gloss finish. 
I have never found this option any other place! 
There are 2 different options for print – you can either print through snapfish and get their prices. (about .09 cent per photo) 
Or you can have them printed local either at Walgreens or Walmart and then pick them up. You will have to pay whatever the local price is. 
{ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS} …. google: Snapfish Coupons before you pay. 
I can always find a FREE shipping coupon and most of the time I can find at least a 10% off your entire order plus FREE shipping! 
3. Where ever you store your projects:
The best thing that I have found for my Project Life/Scrapbooking process is to have a “landing” place for all of the “Stuff” that goes into the album along with the most current photos. 

You can find these organizers at Michaels. They stack together and make it super easy to store supplies in.

These organizers are from Creative Memories which is no longer in business. 
You can find these Photo Organizers online on eBay
Make sure you get “photo safe” containers to put your photos in whenever you are storing them. 

Remember….  you have to find a system that will work for you. 
What works for me may not work for you! That is okay!!! 
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