Simple & Easy Envelope Liners

There is just something about have a pretty envelope to go with that cute little handmade card right? 
However cute this is…. I’m always in a rush to get my cards so I never take the time to dress them up. 
I decided that it would be alot easier if I would take a few minutes and make up a bunch of liners to have on hand. 
Stampin’ Up Envelope Liners – Quick & Easy Liners! 

Don’t you just love that brand new stamp set? Its called “Better Than Email” 
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I think this set is so super cute… and completely worth having in your collection. 
It is great for adding that little extra special touch to envelopes or to the back of your cards!!! 

I think this is such an amazing and easy way to use up all that left over pretty  paper we all have laying around!  I have more paper than I could ever use or even know what to do with. 

It didn’t take all that long to create this handful of envelope liners! 
I’ve been able to use them a ton already! 
One of my goals this year is to get cards out to people for Birthday & Anniversary and Everyday Occasions.
As crazy as it sounds I’m AWFUL at this! I always have the best of intentions but somehow always end up forgetting to get the cards in the mail. 
This year I am taking a new approach to this and it has been work well. 
Having everything set up and ready to go has contributed to making it alot easier for me to following through with this goal. 

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