The PERFECT Project Life Album with the perfect PICTURES!

Hello Friends! Welcome to Memory Keeping Friday!!!! 
Today we are talking about a subject that is of course very close to my heart! 
We are talking about photos! 
The photo above is a photo that I snapped a few short weeks before we moved out of our old 
house in Willits, California. 
I took this photo as I looked at my front living room window. 
I could also see these beautiful mountains from my scrapbooking room. 
When I took this photo I had NO ideas that just a few short weeks later we would be moving and I would never again see these mountains from my living room. 
Project Life was not around during this time! 
So lets diving in and talk about that perfect photo that we all waiting to get! 
The Perfect Photo: 

This really is one of my most treasured photos!!! And the sad thing is I don’t have a copy of this. 
I don’t have a copy this on my computer some place or backed up anywhere!!!! 

Here are a few more pages that I did when I was doing more traditional scrapbooking layouts. 
Both of these layouts are from Violet’s 1st Year Scrapbook! 

I will forever be thankful for all the years that I was able to scrapbook int the traditional form!! 
I have great memories of doing these pages and I adore all of them! 

I will even admit that there are moments I MISS putting together such beautiful layouts! 
And I am not saying I will never doing them again. 

However I do have such a different outlook on why I take photos and how I want them to displayed 
in albums. 

For me its not about how beautiful the page is, its about telling our everyday story! 
What we did, how we lived! What made us laugh and what made us cry!!! 
It is so very important to me to capture these moments!!! 

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