The Ultimate Movie Night Idea Guide!

Hello Friends! Every year around March I start thinking about when I first started blogging! 

Some of you maybe remember when this blog started it was called Two Chics & A Cricut! 
and it looked a little something like this: 

Can you believe it! What started as a small part time hobby for two friends who were trying to stay connected while living in separated city has grown into a full time adventure!!! 
It is always around March that I wanted to find a way to celebrate how this all started. 
When it started it was about Traditional Scrapbooking with a little machine called the Cricut

Now it is simply about crafting! With whatever makes you happy!

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{Our Favorite Things Week Starts}

{Movie Night: Giving A Gift}
I wanted to put together some that was really simple and this cute little movie box ended up being perfect. 

I had wanted to cut a few die cuts out on the Silhouette but I never got a chance. Here is a screen shot of the items I purchased. 

I’ve also picked out a few of my favorite chic flick kind of movies! These would be great to hang out with your girlfriends and watch!

Great movies to watch with friends:

{Family Movie Night}
Our family loves “Movie Night” most of the time it happens for us on Wednesday Nights. 
This is the night before my Husband goes back to work for the week and we enjoy just spending 
a few hours together after dinner! 

Here are some great movies to watch with the kids. 
We recently watched Shrek for the first time with our kids and they loved it. 
It doesn’t have to be a brand new movie! Its just about being together!

Great movies to watch with your kids:

{Date Night}
Okay…. I feel like all you need for a good date night is some popcorn and CASTLE! 
My Husband and I have been watching CASTLE since day one! We even remember seeing previews for the series and saying “Yea lets try that show out… looks like it might be good” 
7 Seasons later we are still loving this show! 

CASTLE is the perfect show! It has romance and action! Which is great! A little something for girls and a little something for guys! 
However, it has really light, funny moments as well!

Some of the cliff hangers at the end of these seasons are UNBELIEVABLE!!!! All will say is if you get this on DVD NEVER ever finish one season if you don’t have the next season to start watching right way!

The best show to watch for date night:
In order to make it a really nice “Date Night” take it outside!!!! 
Its always really nice to be able to get out of the house right? But sometimes it feel like its just not possible! 
All you have to do is grab some blankets, snacks and your iPad, iPhone, Kindle or even your computer and head to the car! 
Sit in the back set, or pop the back of van or jeep open! 
If you have a truck even better!!!! 
{Lets Talk Popcorn}

Of course I have to end this post today talking about Popcorn because what is Movie Night with out Popcorn! 
Pinterest has some of the greatest recipes for Popcorn! 

Click HERE to see 50 of the best recipes for Popcorn!

I will see you back here tomorrow for some more fun! 

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