3 Creative Ways to Battle Journaling Stress

Journaling is the one thing in memory keeping I struggle with and it is the one thing that I think is so important. 
I want to tell the STORIES that go with our lives, I want my children to be able to show their children not only the events that took place in our lives but I also want them to know how we felt about the events. 
{Let’s Chat About Journaling}

I find it much easier if I just go back and do journaling in batches instead of worrying about it as I go. 
I have a pretty good memory so its easier for me to “get in the mode” and do the journaling all at once. 

However if you struggle with remembering the events and details of life it might be better for you to do your journaling as you go! 
Lets look at three creative ways you can journal. 
When I get stuck these are some of my favorite tricks to reach for. 

1. Music
One of the greatest things to add to your Project Life Album when it comes to journaling is Music! Song Lyrics 
When I was doing Traditional Scrapbooking I would always start my albums out with song lyrics! 

Because music really does evoke thoughts and feelings. Its like that song says “Its funny how a melody sounds like a memory
If you really can’t seem to pull thoughts together to get into your album take a few minutes and listen to a few of your favorite songs. 

I’m sure you will find  snippet to add to your album.

This works alot like music! Elise Joy Blaha one of my all time favorite bloggers did these little quote cards and I love them! 

You can get them HERE

3. Q&A’s
As simple as it sounds it can often be over looked. Ask a question and then get an answer. 
This works great for kids album! Kids really do say some funny thing. You can bet that you will get something cute and meaningful in your album when asking questions.

I’ve put together a PDF that you can get HERE that has some everyday journaling ideas! 
This guide is like my Ultimate Guide To Capturing Everyday Photos and when you join me HERE you will get that as well. 

I would love to hear from you! Let me know what is more difficult for you — Taking photos or Journaling?

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  1. I suffered a massive stroke in 2010 sadly I was already behind in my scrapbooking, but luckily, my memory didn’t suffer, thankfully I DID have several years of our families begging already in, books I LOVE your ideas! Thank you for your. Inspiration and letting us use your brain.


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