Autism Awareness Hop #2

Hello Friends and welcome another very special post! I am so excited to be part of another Blog Hop for Stamp Out Autism! 
If you missed my post last week where I introduced our daughter Violet to you please take a few minutes to read that post HERE
I had wanted to find away to add some of the things Violet tends to say on a daily bases to her album. 
I thought this would be perfect. 
{Violet’s Hand’s Prints}

As you could see in the video she didn’t have any trouble getting the paint on her hands and stamping out her hand prints! She loved it! 

This is one way of documenting some of the journey your child is going through. It is also a way for you to spend a few extra minutes connecting with them. 

“Approximately 67 million people worldwide are affected by autism”
I hope you enjoyed seeing my project today! Make sure you you hop to the next blog so you can see what they have put together for you. 
My goal this week is to donate $500.00 to this foundation and if you would like to make a donation it would mean so much to me.
There are 2 ways you donate the first is you can click HERE and donation through Lee Conrey’s Autism Society Foundation Page. 
This is where I will be making my Donation. 
Or you are welcome to place A Stampin’ Up order through me as I am donation my entire 20% commission this week to this cause! 
You can place an order HERE
Thank you again for coming by and hanging out with me today! 

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