Craft Room Cabinets – AKA – I NEED MORE STORAGE!!!!!!

Is this not the cry of every single one of us that have a craft room? 
No matter what size your crafting space is, or where you set your space up at the end of the day don’t you 
desire more STORAGE!!! 

Of course the more storage we have the more “stuff” we can buy, which means the more “stuff” we can create!!!! 

It has been a little while since I took you in my craft room to share with you what is changing and what I am 

{Craft Room Series – The Cabinet!}

Here are a few photos of what I have done with the space. The last thing I need to purchase for the room is a table. I can’t decided what kind I want so I’m just going to wait on getting anything. 

{My Favorite Product} 
Here are a few of my favorite products that I use in my craft room for amazing storage! 

Lowes Estate Cabinets: You can find these at Lowes HERE! I love the depth of these and the fact that you can adjust them to work for you. 

Ikea Kitchen Cart: This beautiful rolling cart is from Ikea and you can find it HERE
I have 2 of them and they hold all of my Project Life supplies. 

Closetmaid Organizers: I have these all over my room! I have the 9 cube organizers, the 6 Cube Organizers and the Mini Organizers

Here are 5 of my favorite sites that always {INSPIRE} me to get into my craft space and organize it! 

{A Bowl Full Of Lemons}

I really adore Toni and her website. I always feel inspire to get something done every time I’ve visited her site. 
I also love that her ideas are so simple to recreate or even create and tweak. I love putting my own spin on her ideas to make them work for my space! 
I love seeing how others set up their space! One of my favorite posts from Becky Higgins Blog is her home office tour. 
She shared a tip that really stuck with me – {MOVE} your albums to the lower section of your shelving units so that your family can access them easy! 
I’ve been following Amanda’s Blog {website} for years. She was blogging before blogging was a thing and her craft room was one of the very first craft rooms I looked at online and drooled over!
I have to admit that I lover her entire house and her design style! She has really amazing, simple & sleek storage ideas. 
I started following Jennifer’s Website & Youtube Videos because she shared some of her craft space and storage solutions. 
I love the face that she has all the “stuff” and has created solutions for storing it with product that is very easy for me to get. 
My favorite thing in her space is the cubbyholes she has above her Alex Drawers
She had these build into the space and I think it was so super smart!  

{Mary Fish – Stampin’ Pretty}

I love Mary Fish’s space much for the same reason I love Jennifer’s space above. 
Mary has all the same “stuff” I have. All the Stampin’ Up product and she used the storage units by Stamp-N-Storage and so I can see clearly how things will look and how will they work in a space. 
I’m such a visual person so because of that its helpful me to see things laid out. 

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