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Did you know that the Month of April is Autism Awareness Month! I did not know this until recently. 
Later this month I will be participating in a Autism Awareness Blog Hop and I have a really special project I will be sharing with you. 
Today I want to share something really personal with you! 
{Autism Awareness}

This is my beautiful little girl Violet Victoria! And there is not one thing I would change about her! 
She is a precious gift in our life! 
As mentioned in my video I am going to be donating my 20 percent commission from my Stampin’ Up Sales to the Autism Society
I will be donating this through this LINK with Lee Conrey who I met at Founder Circle last year!
You can check out the link HERE and please feel free to donate if you would like! 
Here is the very best part … Stampin’ Up is offering FREE SHIPPING staring tomorrow! 
You can place your Stampin’ Up order HERE 
I have a personal goal to donate at least $500.00 to this foundation this month. 
Every order that you place I will be donating my 20 percent commission to this foundation! 
Thank you so much for your support of my business and support as I enter this new stage of life! 

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