New Project Life Core Kits – Adventure & Confetti

Hello Friends and welcome to Memory Keeping Friday, I know that I had said last week I would have a Computer Journaling Tutorial for you today and as you can see I don’t. 
I am so sorry for the delay in the tutorial we had some personal family things that came up and we had to take a trip out of town. 
I wanted to make sure I had something up for you today so I thought I would share with you a Project Life Haul from Becky Higgins (
{Project Life Haul | Review of 2 new core kits & RANT}

{Project Life Adventure Core Kit | August Set Up} 
I’ve shared before that I set up my months ahead of time. I use either one core kit or one set of designer paper per month. 
I wanted to dive into the Adventure Core Kit so I went ahead and set up the month of July. 
I love the colors of this kit!! They are much brighter in person. And I’m also really enjoying the filler cards! 
When I opened up this Core Kit and started going through the cards right away I had so many ideas on different things I could do with it. 
It is a beautiful kit to work with! This kit has moved in my top 5 favorite kits. 

{Project Life Old Boxes Verse New Boxes}
As I said in my video I am NOT a fan of the new style of boxes. I feel like they are really flimsy and they are hard to get in and out of. 
Word of advice: Do NOT throw away the clear plastic lid that is over the cards when you open the box. 
However, on a positive not they are a little bit smaller than the older boxes which means they will fit on standard shelving units better. 
If you’ve been following me very long you know that I love the ClosetMaid Cube Organizers and they are 11.5 x 11.5 so anything that is 12×12 will not fit on them. 
With the way the new boxes are designed they are a little smaller than the old boxes so they fit perfectly on these cubes. 
{Memory Keeping}
Over the next few months I have a TON of Project Life Content coming out. As you might have noticed I have started adding more Memory Keeping Content to my site and my line up every week. 
Memory Keeping is at the very heart of who I am and what I want to share with you! I’m looking forward to sharing with you many of the projects I am working on within the next month! 
Please let me know if you would like me to cover a topic in regards to Memory Keeping! 

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