Stamp Out Autism Blog Hop

Hello Friends and welcome to this very special blog post today. 
I’m honored to be a part of this blog hop to not only bring awareness to Autism but also raise money to help this foundation! 
I would like to take a moment to introduce you to this beautiful little girl. Her name is Violet Victoria and she is 
5 years old. 
3 weeks ago a doctor explained to me that the struggles we have been experienced over the last 4 years have been because Violet is Autistic. 
{Violet You Were Meant To Shine! I PROMISE}

If you have a child with Autism, or you know a child that has Autism I hope that you will find the courage and inspiration to tell not only their story, but your story as well. 

Because we now know that Violet has struggles we are striving to learning everything we can to help her. 

As her Mommy I want her to know more than anything in this world that we are blessed to have 

her as our little baby girl. 

Kayla is so blessed to have her as her “Very Best Friend Forever” and as a little Sister!

Andrew is blessed to have a big sister with such a big heart and a beautiful smile that loves him so fiercely! 

“There is no blood test, no scan and no image that can detect Autism. 
Diagnosis are based on behavioral observations and screening.”
Thank you so much for coming by my website today and checking out this Project Life style scrapbooking page. 
Please make sure you visit the next blog so can you can check out all the amazing projects that are been shared today! 
My goal this week is to donate $500.00 to this foundation and if you would like to make a donation it would mean so much to me.
There are 2 ways you donate the first is you can click HERE and donation through Lee Conrey’s Autism Society Foundation Page. 
This is where I will be making my Donation. 
Or you are welcome to place A Stampin’ Up order through me as I am donation my entire 20% commission this week to this cause! 
You can place an order HERE
Thank you again for coming by and hanging out with me today! 

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