Moments Spent With Family

Happy Friday Friends!!!! This week has felt really long to me. I was traveling with Esau and the kiddos over the state line into Nevada to be with family. 
My Grandma’s Brother {My Great Uncle} passed away last week and although I wasn’t super close to my uncle I am very close to my Grandmother and we wanted to be with her. 
My Grandma and my Uncle Bob were very close. They were the youngest of 9 siblings and were very close as children. And have remained close throughout the years. 
I loved spending the time with my Grandma & Grandpa! My Mom also lives up near them and she was able to get some time off work and spend a day with us. 
{Spending Time With Family}

Here are the layouts that I did using the Project Life App. It only took me about 10 minutes to put all 4 of these layouts together.
I did these layouts on our 4 hour drive home! 
I’ve only found one small problem with using this App on your phone. It can cause you to lose your phone! Let me explain what I mean. 
While I was using this amazing little App on my phone on the way home we had to make a sudden stop to help Andrew who was getting car sick. 
When I jumped out of the car my phone ended up outside the car as well, on the ground …. in the dark! 
I was so very lucky that my husband didn’t drive over my phone.  
When we were getting back on the road. 
I noticed my phone was gone right away.  My husband loved me enough to walk up and down the road, in the dark with no flash light looking for it! I was so thankful after about 15 minutes he found it.
These last few layouts do not have the journaling on them because I wanted to wait until after I shared the photos with you of the completed pages because this journaling happens to be something I would like to keep private. 

This page I used Design E and I LOVE this design and the great thing about using this design in the Project Life App is that your photos will print at 6×6 because each of the pockets are 6×6

As I mentioned in the video I was trying to be very respectful of my Grandma’s feelings during our visit as she was more emotional and I knew she wouldn’t want her photograph taken. 

I still wanted to document our time there so I did this by capturing her in the background of the other photos I was taking.  

{May’s Photo Check List} 

These are photos that I will be trying to make sure I capture all month as well. I will be posting my photos HERE on Instagram. 
I would love for you to follow me on Instagram HERE

Use #LifesBlessingsCaptured so I can see what memories you are capturing! 
I took this picture today, it my first photo for May! 

I will be back next Tuesday with a Project Life by Stampin’ Up Post! I can’t wait to get back to creating. 

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