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Lets get started today by talking a little bit about packaging. Years ago I got a sample of a face cleaner in a Magazine that I was subscribed to. I tried the sample out and I LOVED it! It was the very best face cleaner I ever used.
After using this product for years I went to the store to purchase some and I couldn’t find it on the shelf. I happen to be the kind of person who stocks up on items so I hadn’t had to purchase this product for a few months.
I searched around and found the brand but all their packaging had changed. As I looked for the face cleaner I was never sure it was the one I had used before. I’ve never used that brand of face cleaner again and I miss it!

Is it safe to say that we get use to the way packaging looks and we have a hard time when things changes. Maybe its the way the way the packaging fits on a shelf at home, or the way it open or even the way the product comes of the packaging.

I was recently disappointed when I purchased a couple Project Life Core Kits from Becky Higgins Website HERE.
When I opened I went to open up the Core Kit I had a few issues. You can see that video HERE!

I thought I would do a comparison video for you today showing you the way not only the packaging changed for the Project Life Core Kits, but how the content has changed.

{Project Life Core Kits – Then & Now}

Here are some photos of Project Life Core Kits over the years.
When Becky Higgins started her company in 2010 her Project Life Core Kit Boxes looked like this: {Please note these dates are just based on what I remember. I’m not trying to provide a exact time line, just a sense of what the company has done since it started}

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 10.25.14 PM

This is how the product look inside the box. Each kit came with an Album and all the cards. I really loved the way the card where in their own little box. I thought it was cute. However it was a lot of wasted packaging.

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 10.26.22 PM

It wasn’t very long after her company first launched they changed the core kit packaging. I never did get one of the original kit. The first core kit got was the Clementine Core kit which is retired now {It is still my favorite kit of all times}
The packaging looked like a pizza box and the there was less packaging involved in the updated design.

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 10.23.13 PM Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 10.26.45 PM

I really liked the updated designed because I felt like it was easier to see everything and it was easier to store in my crafting space. I thought it was a very simple and clean design. Becky Higgins has said in the past that she liked the clean and simple look of the package and she was inspired by Apple when creating the packaging.

About 3 months later during the Winter Show of CHA Becky Higgins released around 6 new kits and they were in an updated version of the “pizza box”.
This box had a magnetic lip in the front of the box which allowed it to closer easier. The tray inside remained the same.

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 10.29.55 PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 10.31.39 PM

And here are what the current kits look. They have updated the box so that it is smaller. It no longer has the magnetic closer on the lip of the box and the top of the box has a cut out so you can see the cards inside. This new box design is a complete fail if you ask me.

Project Life Adventure Core Kit

I knew the moment I got the kit I really wanted to get into my album and see how the cards looked laid out. I decided to use these cards for the Month of July. It worked out really well and I do love the design of this kit.





Let me know what your thoughts on the new style of boxes for the kits are. Make sure you head back here on Monday when I will be talking about the New 2015 Stampin’ Up In Colors.


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