What is more fun than going to Ikea?


A few days ago Wendy and I took the day off and we headed to Ikea. We are both deep in Spring Cleaning and redecorating mode! Wendy is redecorating her entire living room! She found some items online that just happened to be from Ikea!

My friendship with Wendy goes WAY back! We became friends in Jr. High School where we bonded over our love for hand writing. We both happen to love organizing and any excuse to go to Ikea we will take!

You can check out our really fun Vlog Style video from that day at the end of this post!

Most of the time I share something Memory Keeping related for you on Friday’s, however I am so caught up right now and waiting on the 150 photos I order last week that I thought it would be a good time to take a brake and share with you some of my Organization updates in my craft room.

{Alex Drawer Organization}

I’m sorry I was struggling with the light when I was showing you inside the unit. Here are a few photos of 4 of the drawers I use the most.


I thought it would be fun to film some of our day at Ikea and share it with you. I hope you enjoy spending a little bit of time with us!

{Fun At Ikea}

Wendy will be sharing her Living Room Make over on her website soon so you will want to make sure you head over there and follow her. You can get to her website by clicking HERE 

Here was the back of the car on our way home! We had a great time shopping for Home Decor stuff!


I will be back on Monday! All next week is going be one exciting thing after another! Its going to be a week of celebrating because the new Annual Stampin’ Up Catalog will go live on Tuesday!


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