12×12 Persnickety Photo Prints Review

Amador County Fire


Hello Friends! Today I do have a Memory Keeping Friday Post for you below! I thought I would post this first! I live in the Amador County Area were we have a huge fire that broke out Wednesday Night!

You can read about this fire HERE 

While our home is not near this fire and we are not in danger of it we have friends that have had to leave their home. We also have friends that are fighting this fire!

I would appreciate your prayers for our community right now!!! As of right now it is only 20% contained! All of schools have been closed for the day and everyone is pitching in where they can! 

As I said above our home is not in danger! However I am devastated for our community and for those that have lost their home and are unsure if they will lose their home as well.

Persnickety Prints Review

It has been awhile since I shared with you the progress I’m making {Or not making…} on the Wedding Album Project I’ve been doing! I have completed the photos on the first 1/2 of the album and now just need to go back and add the journaling and embellishments.

Today I thought I would share with you a the photos that I got back from Persnickety Prints. I had wanted wanted to get several photos enlarged to 12×12 to either fit into a 12×12 pocket protector or a 6×12

{12×12 persnickety Photo Prints Review}

The album is really starting to come together and I am really happy with the way these photo look layered in this wedding album. I feel like it gives the album so much depth!


I am hoping to get this album finished up by November. While there is not a lot left to do to get it completed, there are still some major items to work on. Journaling will be the thing that takes us the most time.


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