Christmas Cards With The Project Life App

Hello December! I’m so excited you are finally here.
There are so many exciting things happening this month, so many crafts I want to make and gifts I want to purchase and wrap!

Christmas Cards With The Project Life App

I wanted to get my Christmas Card done early this year and thanks to the Project Life App and starting my Christmas Card Making in October I can safely say that I’m finishing with all of my Christmas Cards!

I’ve never been done with Christmas Cards this early before and it feels great to have this check off my December To Do List!

I thought I would share with you how I created this card in the Project Life App. I did however have these printed through Snapfish. You will find my step by step tutorial at the bottom of this post.

{Christmas Cards With The Project Life App}

There are 2 reason I didn’t want to use the In App printing. I do think this is an awesome feature, however I didn’t want the standard 5×7 size and I didn’t want to pay the price in the app for cards.

I should be receiving my prints from snappish today. I will be doing a live Periscope sharing how they turned out. Make sure you are following me on Periscope! 

I’ve linked Becky Higgins periscope video here on my website. She answers many of the standard questions you may have about this feature in the App.

{Becky Higgins Periscope On Christmas Cards In The App}

{How I Created My Christmas Cards}

I went through several different steps so that I could have more than one photo on the card. If you simple want 1 photo on your Christmas card all you have to do is ADD the photo to the card in the app and you are done!

If you want more than one photo on your card you will want to follow these simple steps.

Open up the App and use the collage feature to put together up to 4 photos.

Project Life App for3x4 Photos

Next you will begin adding your photos. There is a set up to add 2, 3 or 4 photos. Be aware that these photo boxes will not all fit perfectly into the Christmas Card Layouts.

You can see below the photo collage that I created didn’t fit perfectly in the card and I had to be a little bit creative with my finished Christmas Card!

Project Life App for3x4 Photos

Once you create your collage you can simple save it to your camera roll. You will see these photos below are the ones I created and then saved. Once they are saved to my phone I can open them up on my camera roll and change the photo to black & white.



Now that you have the photos created that you want to add to the Christmas card all you need to do is open up your app and pick the Christmas Card flag at the top of the screen.


This is the last step you will need to do if you are planning on getting these printed somewhere other than inside the app.
Once you save your Christmas card design to your camera roll you will want to go into the collage part of your Project Life app again!

Once you open that up you will want to click on the 4×6 photo.


You will then add your Christmas card design to this slot and export it, and save it to you camera roll again!

Once you’ve done those steps you can then upload to any printing service you use. I used my Snapfish app on my iPhone.

The best thing about using the Snapfish App is you get 100 FREE photos each month. I printed up 75 of the Christmas photos and I only paid $6.99 for shipping.

{Other Christmas Card Designs}

Here are a few of the other designs I created just for fun! None of these took more than a few minutes to create. Any of these would work great for our Family Photo Christmas Card! Which design is your favorite?

Christmas Cards With The Project Life App

Christmas Cards With The Project Life App

Christmas Cards With The Project Life App

I hope you have enjoyed seeing these Christmas Cards I created using the Project Life App. I promise you the $1.99 you will spend on this App will be worth it!

It is a really amazing tool for documenting life and the fact that Becky and her team throw in handy dandy features like this Christmas Card creation is icing on the cake!


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